As customer demands continue to grow, telecom networks must change and converge in order to keep up with customer's thirst for more bandwidth, proliferation of technologies and increasing regulatory changes.

With CommScope, operators can evolve their existing copper and fibre broadband networks to become the foundation for tomorrow's success. CommScope's advanced solutions can help any network become more flexible, reliable and easier to maintain. In addition, CommScope's proven solutions are cost-effective, and easy to install. Regardless of where your network is today, it will be different tomorrow, and CommScope has both the expertise and solutions that can help solve many of your problems now and in the future.


When it comes to experience, production volume, and innovation, the Emtelle Group is the industry leader in plastic tubing for telecommunications and water piping. As the first high-volume producer in the world of blown fibre tubing, Emtelle’s expertise is unrivalled. In total, the Emtelle Group has supplied approximately 1 million kilometres of blown fibre tubing infrastructure in the UK and 2 million kilometres of utility tubing for energy companies in Scandinavia.



Fremco is an innovative Danish manufacturer of fibre cable blowing machines. Since the mid 90s Fremco has specialised exclusively in fibre blowing equipment, with their machines being designed and hand made in Denmark. Fremco develops its products in close collaboration with customers, duct manufacturers and cable manufacturers worldwide. This ensures the product range offers covers all dimensions of fibres/cables, ducts and applications and is backed up by a 36 month manufacturer’s warranty.


Anritsu offers a complete range of test and measurement equipment for the optical communications industry. Anritsu is a recognized leader in high-speed optical technology offerings and field test solutions  including evaluating a wide range of optical devices and fibre systems like DWDM. Critical measurements such as OTDR, Chromatic Dispersion, Polarization Mode Dispersion, Loss Test Set, and Optical Return Loss can be made quickly and accurately to maximize network performance and accelerate the deployment of new services.


Mills is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialist tools for the communications industry. Established in 1918, Mills has over 100 years expertise in tooling and is now the first choice for the telecommunications and CATV providers and contractors.
As part of its comprehensive range, Mills offers specialist hand tools for duct preparation, fibre blowing, fibre cutting and stripping, fibre splicing, cleaning and inspection and test and measurement. Mills is a one-stop-shop and stocks an extensive range of contractors tools and site equipment, external overhead and underground equipment, cable handling equipment, general hand tools and toolkits.


With more than 30 years experience and innovation in fusion splicer design, manufacture and support Sumitomo offers its comprehensive range of world class fusion splicers for use in the field, the data centre or office. The range extends from hand held micro-splicers, optimised for portability, to high definition core aligning splicers designed for speed, accuracy and unparalleled productivity. Sumitomo splicers customers range from the smallest network installation companies to national carriers.


​Eurocraft Enclosures

Eurocraft have a long history of providing critically enabling enclosure solutions that underpin the telecommunications sector. As an essential partner to major network operators, the company helps its clients maintain competitive advantage by safeguarding investments in essential technology and infrastructure.


​Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed, the UK’s leading equipment leasing and finance provider. Equipment leasing is a vital tool for all businesses looking to grow and finance equipment. It allows you to agree a fixed term contract with which you can lease brand new equipment without a big outlay in capital. Johnson Reed have sourced equipment leasing to a huge variety of organisations for over 15 years. Clients include sole traders, limited companies, local authorities, schools, restaurants and many more.



Preventing fatal injuries as a result of serious falls from height has been RidgeGear's key objective since 1998

With its key manufacturing operation in Leek, Staffordshire, RidgeGear is ideally positioned to serve the European industrial safety market place quickly and efficiently with the products that your company needs now. RidgeGear benefits from the 70 years of collective expertise and experience of the Unitex Group of Companies. Pioneers of the car seat belt and the one piece woven airbag, Unitex has been at the forefront of technological developments that quite simply have changed peoples' lives and saved countless others.






Contamination is the most underestimated cause of failure to a fibre network and, regardless of the fibre type, application or data rate, a single particle on the core of a fibre can create insertion loss, impacting performance and potentially damaging expensive equipment.


The Sticklers® FTTH product line provides everything an operator will need to achieve perfectly clean fibre splices and connections. 


Our specialised FTTH cleaning kit has been engineered to clean a large number of fibre connectors, including SC, FC, ST and E2000, and delivers in excess of 1,800 cleans, per kit.



Driven by the problems faced by operators and contractors when installing full fibre networks in the UK and across the globe, FTTH Innovations was established to offer novel and effective solutions to accelerate the deployment of FTTH infrastructure whilst reducing installation costs.